Hey there, I'm Theo. 

Being an innovative and tech-creative person, I always looked for ways to not just visualise and conceptualise ideas but actually make them become a reality. Besides studying the bachelor's program in "Economics and Management" and subsequently, the master's program in "Information Systems", I decided to teach myself how to write code in my spare time. Software development soon became a fantastic skill to realise ideas and projects. However, in order to keep my naivety towards IT (I firmly believe that naivety can be highly valuable in order to think outside the box) I tried to focus on other parts of IT, as well, leaving programming as personal hobby and a great way to challenge myself once in a while.

My professional medium-term goal is to use my knowledge as software developer and experience as agile Product Owner to convey a product vision, drive growth and guide innovative development teams based on a company’s objectives. 


During the last 4+ years I've been working as a Product Owner of an agile mobile app project. In April 2020 I was offered a position as In-house Consultant of a large and pivotal IT project at Deutsche Kreditbank AG.


Professional Services

Graphic Design Office

Agile Project Management

IT Consulting

Software Development



Bachelor of Science

Economics and Management (Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Betriebsführung)

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

"This trilingual study programme provides you with in-depth knowledge of economics and management, in accordance with international standards.

Our lecturers from 8 different countries analyse current issues in economics and finance and study companies embedded in a global economy. Our tutoring system ensures constant support to students. During the first year, each lecturer supervises no more than 8 students. In addition, by attending classes focused on communication techniques and data and information systems management, you will gain the skills required to perform successfully in an increasingly demanding economic and financial context." Source: unibz.it

Master of Science

Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik)

Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck

"The goal of the master's program Information Systems is to qualify students for leadership positions in IT and for IT management tasks in companies and organisations. This includes abilities to initiate, control, manage and assess leading and innovative information and communication systems in organizations, thus achieving competitive advantages. Moreover, IT leadership positions require a degree of interdisciplinary knowledge in management, personnel and organization, law, finances and information systems. This interdisciplinary knowledge, together with conceptual and communicative abilities, allows graduates to work at the junction between IT and other internal departments as well as external IT service providers. Graduates acquire the ability to offer qualified analysis of system environments at companies, considering factors such as architecture, process, service and values. This program provides an excellent basis for careers in IT management and business consulting." Source: uibk.ac.at


Work Experience

Most recent jobs and engagements. For more information, please get in touch.

April 2020 - Today

In-house Consultant

Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB)

At DKB, we are working on the bank‘s mission to becoming a sustainable ”TechBank“ by enabling paperless processes as well as enhancing the customer experience.

January 2018 - September 2019

IT Project Manager

Eurac Research

Developing a cross-platform mobile application for the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Our main goal was to support students, professors and university staff members during their day-to-day tasks.

April 2017 - January 2018

IT Consultant and Software Analyst

Eurac Research

Analyze, design and develop new software applications as well as modifications and changes to existing systems to enhance performance and usability.

Since November 2013

Software Developer and Innovator

Schütz Development

Designing and developing iOS applications based on client's individual requirements as well as personal app projects distributed and sold via the Apple App Store. 

February 2014 - March 2017

Founder & Joint Managing Director

Evertouch Contacts Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

We worked on a revolutionary new online address book that always keeps itself up-to-date.

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