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Freelance IT Consultant

Business Analyst  |  Product Owner

Helping companies of any size build and maintain a customer-centric view on products and innovation.

Keyboard and Mouse
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Certified Scrum Product Owner


Requirements Engineering

BPMN 2.0  |  UML  | etc.


Software Development

Swift  |  Python  |  SQL



AWS  |  Azure


Soft Skills

Designing on a Tablet

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Business Analyst

Starting a new company with a technical product or trying to digitalize existing products or processes in a cooperate environment?

Well, you'll need someone like me very soon.


"Why?" you ask? Generally, the ones initiating a project and the ones developing them don't speak the same language. This leads to misunderstandings, delays, costs.

You will need a translator who takes functional requirements and turns them into technical specifications - or even better - into little bites such as user stories ready to be consumed by software developers.

This translator could be me: Also called Business Analyst.

"Why me?" you ask? Well, being a perfectionist and deeply passionate about software combined with a broad experience and skill-set in software development and agile IT projects, I may be the perfect addition to your team in order to take raw ideas and make them consumable for the next project stage.

Product Owner/Manager

Looking for a problem-solving and visionary product owner who is in charge of an end-to-end product?

Let me help you out by clearly defining a product roadmap and/or distill user stories for your product backlog.

My passion is to increase product quality with a customer-centric design to improve user-experience and drive growth.

You work on a new tech product and don't know where to begin? Fantastic. I love analysing functional requirements and shape a new product from scratch. Let's get in touch.

"Still, why you?" Well, being a business analyst, a software developer and a 'visionary' millennial, I speak the same language as techies such that the final product backlog will already be in a state to start the development phase skipping a tedious translation from functional to technical specs.

Even though I don't think certifications show much about someone's skills (it's too theoretical), for what it's worth: I am actually a certified Scrum Product Owner, too.



What app users say.

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"This is the best app of all time. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is in a relationship or who is beginning a serious new relationship to get this app even tho you may remember you'll always have this app to back you up. I was at work and it popped up on my phone 5 days until your 2 year anniversary. have you made plans yet?"

Iscmarquel, 17 September 2015

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"This app is amazing. Thank you for making it. It’s really useful and the UI is clean, neat and beautiful. I purchased both in-app purchases and I will continue to use this app."

magicalgirle, 18 January 2020

"Easy to use and such a great tool to remember birthdays and age"

Pinnina, 13 June 2021

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"We use this app regularly for our on-street first aid service to inform Ambulance Control of where an ambulance is needed. Brilliant use of the What Three Words system. Thank you."

Street Pastor, 06 August 2020


"Super gemacht und sehr anwenderfreundlich. Man bekommt die Infos, die man erwartet."

RWK4life, 29 October 2016

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